Quick Note

My scenarios are not 100% correct in terms of landscape and placement of cities/towns and most likely will not ever be. I do my best, I hope you like it anyways :)


Fiji (V.1 & V.2)

This scenario is based on my home country, the Fiji Islands. This scenario is the first I released. It had very quickly gained download counts, this I hadn’t expected. After seeing how well the first version did I knew I had to release a new better version with industries and more cities/towns, which is what people asked for. Now here it is, Fiji V.2 & V.2I. Version 2 adds 11 more cities/towns where as V.2I adds 11 cities/towns and industries. Enjoy the map.


World (map with) Australia Centered. This scenario is based on the real world, but instead of America or Africa/Europe being centered Australia is. As of version 4 there are 137 cities/towns. These include Melbourne, New York, London, Aktau, Addis Ababa, Beijing, Fortaleza and Phoenix.

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W.A.C. XL is W.A.C. but on a larger scale(4096x2048) with more cities. As of version one there are 154 cities/towns

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